Memories are so beautiful they can take you to the timeline and allows you to feel the moment, It is also important how you co-related those moments and feel your joy. Now with NFT’s you can own old moments.

You can own the iconic moment or style with NFTs it has a unique ownership feature with you. Share these NFT’s with your loved one, or gift memory with someone special. You can also sell this memory to anyone who values this iconic moments we called this The Iconical.

theIconical artwork

About Collection

I am planning to create 100 pieces of artwork on this collection, Artwork topic will be from a different timeline, personality, field, domain or something but it will be relatable to some extent. It is an opportunity for everyone to buy this artwork and be a unique owner of artwork token.

NFT (Non Fungible Tokens)

NFT is trackable and it is unique as a digital artist I think this is a bigger opportunity to share your artwork with the world and anyone can buy with unique ownership which can be sell. Also, this is authenticated way to sell digital collectable and earn some profit, the best part is this opportunity is equal for everyone.